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Ladykiller a novel by Katherine Wood

                                        A NOVEL
Katherine Wood

Coming July 9, 2024

Everyone has a story. But not everyone's story is true.


When a young woman vanishes from her remote Greek islands estate, her best friend races to find her, using clues found in the explosive manuscript she left behind…


Gia and Abby are childhood friends, forever bonded by the tragedy that unfolded in Greece when they were eighteen. Now thirty, heiress Gia is back in Greece with her new husband, entertaining glamorous guests with champagne under the hot Mediterranean sun, while bookish Abby is working fourteen-hour days as an attorney. When Gia invites Abby on an all-expenses-paid trip to Sweden to celebrate her birthday, Abby’s thrilled to reconnect.


But the day of her flight, she receives an ominous email that threatens to unearth the skeletons of her past, and when she and Gia's brother Benny arrive in Sweden, Gia isn’t there. Worried, Abby and Benny fly to Greece, where they finds Gia’s beachfront estate eerily deserted, the sole clue to her whereabouts the manuscript she penned, detailing the events leading up to her disappearance. Gia’s narrative reveals the dark truth about her provocative new marriage and the dirty secrets of their seductive guests, a story almost too scandalous to be believed. But the pages end abruptly, raising more questions than answers. 


How much of Gia’s story is true? Where is she now? And will Abby find her before it’s too late?

photo of Katherine Wood author of Ladykiller

Katherine Wood


Hometown: Jackson, Mississippi

University: University of Southern California

Current city: Atlanta, Georgia

Lived the longest in: Los Angeles, CA

Favorite city: Barcelona, Spain

Favorite food: dark chocolate

Favorite drink: Aperol spritz

Favorite holiday: Halloween

Loves: yoga, hiking, travel, words, house music, sunshine, red lipstick, modern art, fireworks, laughter

Family: husband, two daughters, a naughty pug, a ferocious kitty

Previous jobs: actress, screenwriter, director, producer, photographer, singer-songwriter, legal assistant, real estate agent, yoga instructor, bartender, travel coordinator 

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Literary rep:
Levine Greenberg Rostan
Sarah Bedingfield

Film rep:
William Morrow Endeavor
Hilary Zaitz Michael


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